Photo Approach

Digital or film, both fascinate me. At the age of 16 I disassembled my grandfather’s old cameras to understand their mechanisms. Paper and pen in hand, I noted each setting, and compared the results. It is thanks to this practical and simple approach that I learned. Digital came a little later, when I was 20 years old. With time, the photographic process has changed, faster, easier to edit, “photoshop” and expose. It was this path that naturally brought me to video. With the digital, I had indeed taken the annoying habit of shooting burst and choose the 2 or 3 correct photos among the 1000 shots. Since everything is automatic, I could barely choose the settings. But I wanted to choose! At 28, I went back to the film, which finally suited me better. Limited from 24 to 36 poses, the approach is defined: my frame is good, my light is good, the composition is beautiful, but I do take the shot. I’m waiting for the right moment, a gust of wind in the hair, a bird passing in the field, a shadow that is emerging at the last moment… I wait, I take my breath and “I push the trigger!” A chill? That means I have the right picture. It is this feeling of having captured a unique moment (without being really certain) that gives you this little moment of happiness. The film is the control of light. The approach is incomparable to the automatic mode of a DSLR. You fully understand what you are doing, and you are in total control of your camera!